Our Services

We help clients deepen their collaborative capabilities. 

What are high-functioning teams and organizations? Those that operate harmoniously, efficiently, with mutual ownership and accountability for shared goals. This doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t happen as a result of executive mandates, job titles or formal process. It takes conscious effort on the part of individuals to develop deep creative & collaborative skills, while cultivating healthy relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and clients.

Engagement Types

Depending on the need, we offer skills coaching and outcome-based facilitation.

Our skills coaching projects help groups improve their analytical processes, collaborative techniques and decision planning. Mentorship is experiential and conceptual, providing participants with tools and experiences that can be applied to their work. The teams then apply those skills to the content and outcomes of those processes.

In outcome-based facilitation engagements, we act as embedded design mentors, contributing to the team’s analytical process, directly contributing to outcomes or deliverables. This may be achieved in a single workshop, but often extends longer-term. As part of these engagements, we model and coach best practices in action.  



We apply our expertise in design thinking, creative methods and business strategy to help organizations frame and solve the complex, deep-structure challenges of modern systems and service projects.


Now more than ever, work teams must function with a high degree of agility, ingenuity, clarity and cooperation. Drawing on best practices from multiple creative disciplines, we’ve honed a set of rapid, effective methods for builidng these vital skills.


Whether you’re launching a new initiative, or building your team’s strategic capabilities, we can help your organization develop the mindset, tactics and communication styles to bring about meaningful change.