Mentoring Effective Design Champions


For clients who need more in-depth training, we often work with their creative leads through team shadowing or 1-on-1 coaching. After attending a few of our workshops, one participant approached us for more in-depth training. We held an 8-week series of debriefs, focused on her specific workplace challenges. By reflecting, strategizing, and following a weekly action plan, we helped her hone the skills to become a more effective strategic thinker, influencer and champion of design.

“Thank you for sharing your insights on leadership, and your approach to handling tough teamwork situations. What I’ve learned from our discussions is that people really need to feel like they are a part of whatever you are building or doing, whether it is a UX research study, strategy or long term vision.

I’ve made several changes in getting my message across to others: I’m more clear and vocal about my motivations, more empathetic to others’ challenges, and more mindful of others’ world views. In presentations and meetings, I’m now aiming to build a relationship first, rather than to just get others to receive my ideas. Your coaching has really helped me to adjust my approach in leading meetings, by becoming more in tune to others, handling comments on the fly, and influencing participants through building connections. My manager has taken notice of my improvements!”

Stacey Nagata, Research and UX Design Lead, Intel