Startup Kickstart: Rapid Team-building

In 2013, Kidaptive, a Silicon Valley educational startup, had doubled in size, from 13 to 26 employees, in just under 2 months. As part of their company off-site, we designed a half-day workshop to create instant rapport and quickly bond the team around the company’s core values, collective personality and collaborative work ethic. The founders wanted employees to get a real sense of the core values, and of each other, so that they could live those values in their daily routines.

Feedback among respondents was 100% positive, with participants especially pleased with the storytelling, personal sharing, quickly getting to know co-workers, relaxed atmosphere and positive energy of the workshop.

“Thank you for being such awesome facilitators for our event today! Your energy and enthusiasm was infectious. I was happy to see that the improv exercises really resonated with a lot of members of our team. I was even more pleased to hear folks think about how we can take some of what we experienced today into our regular work life and culture. It’s not easy to pull off a team building event that stays true to the spirit of team building, energizes the team and brings people closer together, and you really helped us create one. We took a big step forward today helping the team gel together, which is exactly what we were hoping to accomplish – Thank You!”

– Genia Jacques, Kidaptive